If you're interested in a quote for neon fabrication please contact info@precisionneon.com 
and include the following in your email:

• Your design, exactly how you'd like to see it made in neon - it can be an image of a typed out word in a font of your choice, a digital line drawing, a hand drawn sketch, etc. Custom designing is also available if you do not have a design to provide.

Also of note - we do not have a default font for neon words other than uppercase sans serif block lettering. So if you send us a word or sentence you've typed out in the body of an email and ask for it to be stylized, this will be considered a custom design and will incur a fee.

• The size you'd like your piece to be (only one dimension you need to stick to is needed - either the height, or the width). 

• The color(s) you'd like your piece to be. Check out out color page!

• How you would like your piece mounted (see our different mounting options).

• Timeframe of when you'll need the piece finished.

• Color you'd like the piece to be painted out: white, black, or grey. The default is black paint unless another color is requested. (Note - for rush jobs the paint color will be black if needed in 10 days or under. White paint takes longer to process as it is brushed on by hand, and several coats are needed.)

• Color of connection wires: white, or black.


Please allow 2-4 business days to receive a quote back.

Neon pricing does not include installation, packaging, shipping, or delivery fees. Please let us know if you'll be needing any of these additional services.

We can generally take on neon rush jobs with a 14 day window, these projects will incur a varying rush fee depending on the scope of the work. Our normal lead time ranges from 5-6 weeks.

We will get as close to your design as possible when fabricating it, but please keep in mind that there will be slight variations from the translation of your 2d design into actual glass due to the limitations of the material. This is especially prevalent the smaller your overall piece is. 

NOTE - We will not fabricate another artist's work (whether or not it's a printed graphic or neon, etc.) without explicit written permission from the artist or from their estate, i.e. do not send in a photograph of a finished neon artwork you'd like fabricated unless it is your work, or a work that you already own in need of repair or restoration.